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Dementia Caregiver Help

Royalty Senior Service Consulting's mission is to make sure that seniors suffering from dementia have a good quality of life and the caregivers are not stressed and overworked. It is our endeavor to continue researching and implementing creative ways to help caregivers. We believe that by helping the caregiver, the person suffering from dementia will be helped. 

Providing dementia care for a loved one can be indefinite and the length of time that a person suffers from dementia is dependent upon the onset time. During this period of time, a caregiver needs love, support, dementia education/training, and resource information. Dementia affects everyone differently, therefore it is important for us to provide the best information and assistance for the caregivers.

 Royalty Senior Service Consulting offers ongoing dementia help for caregivers. Remember that whatever form of dementia that your loved one is suffering from, it will be ongoing, therefore you will need continuous support.

 We offer:

  •  Dementia Caregiver Help Monthly Subscription Package which will provide you with various benefits that will educate and empower you to provide the best care for your loved one while taking care of yourself. You are welcome to end the plan whenever you please.

  • Dementia Activity Kit: included are various tools that the caregiver can utilize to provide activities for their loved one in the home; caregiver will also receive monthly activity suggestions. 

                                               Benefits of our In Home Dementia Activity Kit

  • Decrease some of the behaviors that occur throughout the day

  • Keeps the person busy, giving the caregiver a little break

  • Provides a good quality of life for loved one

  • Keeping the person active throughout the day with activities could possibly help improve sleep at night

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