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 Dementia Education & Training For Healthcare Staff

Royalty Senior Service Consulting provides Dementia Education and Training to give healthcare staff in areas such as homecare, senior living facilities, clinics, and hospitals a better understanding about dementia to have more sensitivity towards the needs of the person who is suffering and to provide the best possible care. Our dementia training focuses heavily on teaching healthcare staff the importance of getting to know the person where they are now and the past, understanding the reasoning behind various behaviors, and learn how to utilize these tools in de-escalating the situation.

Over the years, I’ve worked in various settings within the healthcare industry. Some of these settings include nursing home, memory care facility, and homecare. While employed in these areas, I had the opportunity to have an inside look at the problems that occur in care for seniors, especially those who suffer from dementia. Some of the time the problems are a result of hiring workers who lack the understanding about dementia, or who are not passionate about helping the seniors. I’m very passionate about making sure seniors have a good quality of life as they age, and this includes the population that suffers from dementia.

We understand that certain requirements need to be met and that there are only so many hours in a day. As a result of this, our Dementia Education and Training is tailored to fit the needs of our clients.

Click below to learn more and we will be happy to schedule a time to speak further.

 Reserve A Speaker

  • Do you have an upcoming event, or conference and need a someone to speak on Dementia?

  • Does your congregation have adults over the age of 55? They could benefit from having someone speak about Dementia.

Tamaria Smith-Gillespie, Geriatric Consultant, is very passionate about speaking on dementia. She has observed a lack of quality care of residents who suffer from dementia in facilities and in the home setting. The problem is the lack of dementia education. The more people that learn about dementia and sympathize with those who are suffering, this can lead to better care. Reserve a speaker on today.

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