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Our Story


Fannie Mae Gerontology Service began in September of 2016 as a result of a lack of quality of care for Fannie Mae Fondren who suffered from Alzheimer's disease. Many people today have loved ones who suffer from some form of dementia and do not want to receive education or training about it. My grandmother Fannie Fondren was a Christian woman who believed and trusted in the Word of God. She lived her life helping others, while raising 10 children and being a Pastor’s wife. In the 1990’s, grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and suspected to have had vascular dementia at the same time. It was difficult to watch her health slowly deteriorate. She was my example, a support, a teacher, a shoulder to cry on, and most of all, my grandmother. Some of my family did not want others helping in providing her care, education regarding Alzheimer's disease, or training on how to handle behaviors associated with the disease. As a result of not wanting help, she did not receive the best care at home. I never belittled my grandmother throughout her illness. Instead, I made it a point for us to have fun, (socializing, and cooking during the early stages) enjoy each other’s company, and allow her to do as much as she was able to do. At times, I went to the house to visit and she would be in the back room lying on the bed. It broke my heart to see her go from being energetic, happy, and talkative to a more depressive state. Fannie Fondren stated, “One of these mornings you are going to look for me and I’ll be gone.” My mother told me that she never wanted to be total care. God honored Fannie Fondren’s request by taking her while sleeping. I promised to honor her legacy by making sure that seniors have a good quality of life as they age, with a focus on those who suffer from dementia. Fannie Mae Gerontology Service's name was changed to Royalty Senior Service Consulting LLC in January of 2021. 

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