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*Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide dementia education and provide assistance to you. We are glad for the opportunity to serve you and look forward to serving you again. 


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“A wonderful service for families struggling with aging parents and need options for keeping them safe and healthy as they age and how to handle the independence issue with also the safety issues”                                     

Diane Lockhart

“I had the pleasure of attending Ms. Smith's Dementia workshop and it was very informative. Doctors, nurses, and in home care was in attendance. to inform us how to care for dementia loved ones. It was a well-prepared workshop. You will get everything you need by attending her dementia education and trainings.”                                            David Michie

Mr. Smith and I moved from one state to another and thanks to Royalty Senior Service, we found a Geriatric Doctor. When we went to our appointment, we noticed that the office was centered around seniors. The doctors really listen to us and seem quite concerned for us. It has been our experience that Geriatric doctors are more knowledgeable about the problems that we face as we age and are compassionate. Continue with your business. It is needed in this day in time.                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Smith                                                   

I was a participant in an informational session about dementia and Tamaria Smith-Gillespie, the owner of Royalty Senior Service Consulting, was the lead speaker. Prior to the informational session, I didn’t know much of anything about dementia or the challenges and rewards of caring for a loved one who has this disease. We all have loved ones we will be caring for or possible assisting another family member or friend with caring for a loved one, so learning about dementia and other major neurocognitive disorders that affect the elderly is paramount. Moreover, I enjoyed the informational session and Tamaria is an excellent speaker and is passionate about Geriatric care; I would definitely hire her to assist me with providing such care or if I needed a professional to speak about providing this type of care.                                                                                                         Antonio Tucker

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