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Who We Are

Royalty Senior Service Consulting is a Geriatric Consulting Business located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our mission is to ensure that all seniors suffering from dementia have the best quality of life by equipping caregivers and healthcare professionals with the necessary tools to provide the best care. We believe that through providing the best Dementia Education, Training, and Geriatric Consultations seniors suffering from dementia will have the best quality of life. Our vision is a world where people sympathize with the needs of those who suffer from dementia, while empathizing with the needs of those who provide care. We are not physicians and do not provide prescription medications. Instead, we provide possible solutions to the problems you may face in your caregiving role with someone who suffers from dementia. We always recommend you consulting your physician.

As a result of our education, knowledge, and experience, we

are able to offer these services to you. We bring Dementia Caregiver Help to your home regardless of your location. Our Dementia Education/Training for healthcare staff are offered in person or virtually. Our services are geared towards:

  • Providing suggestive solutions through Virtual Dementia Caregiver Help to address the problems faced while caregiving by the stressed, overworked, frustrated caregivers of seniors who suffer from dementia (Alzheimer's, Vascular, Mixed Dementia) while teaching them about self-care

  • Ensuring that all seniors suffering from dementia have the best quality of life and receive the best care

  • Educating &Training to the healthcare industry concerning dementia to create an atmosphere of dementia sensitivity, and understanding

  • Equipping caregivers with the tools and resources needed to continue providing care in the home, or locating other forms of housing  

Contact us on today for a free 30-minute consultation and allow us to let you know how our services can help. Click the button below to schedule your appointment.

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