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My Testimony (Tamaria Smith-Gillespie)

A couple of months ago, I experienced a situation where my language was impaired and my brain did not allow me to find the words to say. I rushed to the emergency room because of feeling weak, and looking pale. This was very frightening to me and it was an eye opener. I'm thankful to God that this situation was not the result of a stroke, heart, or brain problem. It was a blessing that I went to the hospital because my potassium level was extremely low. I could have gone into cardiac arrest or died, but God. The doctor told me that stress and anxiety can cause these symptoms.

This entire situation has taught me to trust in God and don't look at things that occur in life as being bad. If I had not experienced difficulty speaking and remembering, the outcome could have been different. I'm learning everyday to believe and trust in God. God is teaching me through experiences and his Word that he has me in the palm of his hand so why stress over things. Give it to him and let him handle it. It feels like a load is lifted when you give it to God and don't pick it up. "Casting all your care upon him for he careth for you." (1 Peter 5:7) My mother said to me, "Everything that looks bad is not always bad." God knows the reasoning behind every event that occurs in our lives. I've seen the reasoning why some things occurred later on down the line. Sometimes God prevented me from harm or blessed others in situations that seemed bad to me at the time.

If you are providing care for a loved one this holiday season who is suffering from dementia, Thank you. Are you experiencing difficulties understanding how to handle various behaviors, or feel overwhelmed? Stop! Take a deep breath and step into there world. Please try and put a smile on there face. Remember that this is the dementia. It was scary for me to experience language impairment and difficulty remembering. This situation opened my eyes to understand what those who suffer from dementia may be experiencing. God can turn any situation around, but some situations occur to allow us to see ourselves and things that we need to change within ourselves. Share with others and I hope this encourages you. Love you and Happy Holidays!!!!

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